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Back to school is upon us. You may have a child starting school for the first time, or going back into a familiar school or changing to another school. Whichever it is, you and they may need some help with the changes coming up: whether it’s with skills they need to know before going to school, preparation or planning or social skills. Check this article to remind yourself of what needs to be done.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a current rage both for writing and for creating art. Sometimes, the writing is just wrong. Sometimes the art is peculiar. Check out some peculiar art and get a couple of free downloadable coloring pages here.


The start of a New Year is often a rush to get decluttering. Get a free downloadable decluttering calendar for helping out.


Halloween is coming. Get some Halloween colouring, puzzle and activity books for all ages here.

Article on Drawing Lessons For Landscapes available here.

Would you like to get customised workbooks or journals for your consultancy or training business. Check the latest article here.

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Find out more about Halloween and get loads of activities to do with your kids.

If you are just interested in colouring and puzzle books then check these out. Hallowe’en Coloring and Puzzle Books for children and adults are now available for purchase. There are 4 books, one for toddlers, aged 2+, two for children, ages 5 – 9 and 6 – 10 and one for adults. All books contain both colouring pictures and puzzles.

Click on the pictures to buy these books. Please note, that this will take you away from this site, to the site from which they will be purchased. You can read our affiliate disclosure notice here