Recently, coloring books became very popular. You may wonder: “What is the reason for such popularity of coloring books among adults?” The answer is simple. It’s their relaxing effect that comes with coloring pages and also it goes as a new way of entertainment.

    Fine, it’s not that new at all as all of us used to coloring images when we were young and less bothered with our problems. Coloring books for adults bring us to the very same time of the childhood we enjoyed the most.
    Thus far, we have looked through various coloring books for adults and picked the best one.

    coloring diary

    Choose your types of paper: Lined, Blank or Grid

    Coloring diary is an exceptional coloring book at least for one reason. It’s not a ‘book’. It’s a ‘notebook’. How cool is that? This coloring notebook is of highest quality with leathery hard cover and dozens of illustrations that can satisfy even the pickiest customer.

    Okay, let’s see what kind of features the coloring diary has.


    Coloring Diary: what’s the catch?

    First and foremost what should be mentioned here is that this is a proper notebook. Coloring diary is a notebook with illustrations that can be colored in your free time or whenever you like. Basically, that’s a combo of illustrations and blank pages that can be used for random notes.

    Coloring diary consists of 176 pages. Half of them are images, and the other half is blank pages. Actually, the notebook has 50 unique illustrations made by worldwide artists. The designs look absolutely amazing.

    Speaking of pages, let’s get more in details what the coloring diary has to offer. Firstly, there are pages to color, images with loads of teeny tiny details to work on. Also, you get not just single page coloring but two-page coloring as well. The designs will literally blow your mind. You have all the kind of illustrations here. Eventually, you can easily begin coloring cats and owls and then find yourself coloring socks.


    Secondly, you get blank pages with three types of paper: ruled, dot grid or blank. The type of paper depends on how you are going to use your notebook. Will it be used for sketches, or for making lists, or notes? The choice is yours.

    Coloring diary is an A5 size. It’s very handy. You can take it with you wherever you go and keep enjoying the coloring. What’ more, the notebook has leathery hard cover which is quite nice to hold in hands and rounded corners. Now you can forget about sharp corners of the notebook that can injure sometimes.

    Hence, you get a notebook that combines useful features with classy style and quality.

    Features of Coloring Diary

    We have mentioned several features of the notebook before, but coloring diary deserves to get the full description of its features.
    At first, we would like to talk about images that are included in the coloring diary. The variety of pictures amazes. They are really unique and diverse which encourages you to be creative. Here you can find all kinds of images starting with pets and patterns to pieces of wardrobe. The difference between images is not just in their subjects, but also in the amount of details. If you want to spend more time coloring, pick the most detailed image. However, if you want to get a picture done in several hours, go for the less detailed one. Therefore, each and every person will be able to find something to color.

    The second amazing thing about coloring diary is its dimensions. Wherever you go, take the notebook with you. You never know when it may come in handy. For example, you can do some coloring in the cafe while waiting for a friend, or make a shopping list for the next week. Writing down the ideas is always great, as the ideas come and go. It’s going to be a real pity if you had an awesome idea and didn’t write it down. Thus, put the notebook in your bag so you can use it anytime.

    book jewelry

    Another feature we would like to mention is the diversity of paper. You can choose what kind of paper type you prefer more. Enjoy writing and taking notes? Go for the ruled one. Are you fond of making sketches? Try the blank pages. Not sure what for to use the notebook yet? Pick the dot grid pages. They will suit just fine for both sketches and notes. More to say, the paper is quite smooth and acid free. If you are thinking of instruments to use, go for pencils or gel pens. They will work just great with the paper.

    Finally, there is one more feature. Coloring diary has an envelope in the back. You can keep any kind of stuff there starting with love letters to random notes. All we know that random notes tend to get lost.


    Most certainly, relevance of a Coloring notebook is unconditional. Why unconditional? Well, first of all, its dimensions are very convenient to carry it around in your purse. You can take it to the beach for some coloring or bring it to the office. Definitely, you will have no problem with it in the office as it’s completely black. Thus, no one will know what you are doing there (taking notes or coloring an image) unless someone looks over your shoulder.

    diary and bag

    Secondly, as was mentioned before, it’s perfect for professional environment. For instance, you can take it to school to relax between classes. Give your brain a break, do some coloring and enjoy the break. Most certainly, it’s great to spend some time coloring pages and feast the moment.

    The Look

    Coloring diary looks so stylish and professional that no one would ever guess it is a coloring notebook. It’s leathery hard cover just nice to hold in hands. Also, it has a yellow bookmark that keeps marked whatever page you are working on.
    More to say, coloring diary goes in a nice paper cover. If you are searching for a cool and useful gift, that’s it!

    Several Types of Paper

    We mentioned before that there are three types of paper. The first one is ruled. It suits best for those of us who like taking notes or writing poems or.. just writing. The second option is blank pages. Color diary with such paper will be a perfect option for artists who like making sketches. Last but not the least variant is dot grid pages. This type of paper will work great for those of you who draw, write, make lists.. basically, this type of paper is universal. Finally, you will love the color of the paper in a color diary. That’s for sure. It’s not too thick and has creamy color.

    Illustrations that Induce Passion for Coloring

    Coloring diary includes 50 unique illustrations. There you will find one-page pictures and double-pages spread. So as you can see there are plenty of options to color. Pick an image you fancy and get started coloring.

    Of course, if you have little time for all of this, choose simple picture. It will take you no more than several hours to finish it. Pick an image with fewer details; take your time to choose the necessary colors. This will allow you to spend less lime on the picture and still get the work done.


    Actually, if you want to develop your creativity, coloring diary is just what you are looking for. Coloring images is a great exercise for the matter. It gives your brain a break and lets you creative part to rule the parade. To put it simple, while you are focused on picking the right color for the picture element, you might get answers to questions you have been thinking on for quite a while. Grab your color diary and start coloring!


    What kind of Instruments to Use?


    We would say that the best instruments for coloring books are color pencils. They go well with smooth not too thick paper and allow you to make shading. Thus, it depends only on your imagination what will be the result.


    However, if you prefer using gel pens, go for it. It will take you more time to color a picture, but you can use it with no problems at all.

    How to Purchase Coloring Diary?

    If you liked this coloring diary the way we did, you can order it by following the link: https://coloringnotebook.com/

    You prefer Amazon or Etsy? Not a problem. Order the notebook to start coloring in no time.

    The Matter of Perception

    As an author of the review, I would like to share my personal preferences considering coloring diary. First of all, the whole concept is cool and unique. It combines notebook and coloring book in one, creating an amazing product for work and entertainment.
    Main issue of color books is their dimensions and typical flowery designs. You can’t really carry them around as they are too big even for a proper bag. And even if your bag is big enough, you would rather take an ordinary notebook than a big and wide color book. Another disadvantage of an ordinary color book is that the designs that they have – most of them – are quite typical and common. You start to look either for another color book to work on, or leaving the idea of coloring behind.


    Coloring diary has the perfect concept of combining notebook with a color book. Making the product user-friendly (A5 size, black hard cover & 50 illustrations included), customers won’t be able to resist this beauty. Secondly, small canvas allows you to spend less time to finish up the image. If you are a person who does not like to leave the work half-done, this coloring diary was made for you. Even if you are making shading and everything, it will take you less time than a regular color book would take.

    Speaking of the paper type, personally I would go for the ruled one. As a person who is addicted to writing, taking notes and making lists, that is the best option. Besides, you can pick a particular picture for coloring and make some notes that will be associated with the illustration. This way you could just look at the picture to remember what you were writing about while coloring it. I think that’s a really great idea.

    What Do You Know about Coloring?

    These days coloring books is a massive trend. However, some people still think that it’s a hobby for a child and nothing more. Yet, scientists proved that coloring has an extremely therapeutic influence. Coloring pages can improve the emotional state, generate wellness and mindfulness. Let’s say, coloring books work like meditation. Learn to meditate is quite hard. Coloring is much easier.

    Relax & Enjoy

    One of the first scientists who proved the therapeutic benefit of coloring books was Carl Jung. Being one of the greatest psychologists of the 20s century, he thought that coloring Mandalas will help his patience to reduce level of stress and anxiousness. And it worked out just fine.

    You may ask why Mandalas in particular? It’s very simple. Mandala has concentric circles and geometrical patterns in it. It helps to stay focused on coloring and nothing else matters at the time. In the end, meditation like that helps to get rid of intrusive and troubling thoughts.

    Concentrate & Stay Focused

    Do you experience issues with keeping focus? Concentrating on a single type of work seems like a personal hell to you? That’s okay. That is the problem of the most people who live in 21st century. We are distracted all the time. Mobile phones, social networks, people around and any other distraction you can come up with. That’s it. That’s the issue and it’s not going away. However, coloring can help you through entertainment to train your concentration skills. Use coloring pages as a tool that can help in self-development.

    Meditation Works!

    In a nutshell, meditation is way of de-concentration. What meditation does? It clears your mind, relaxes your body and reduces general stress. For most people it’s very hard to sit still even for a few minutes. That’s where coloring comes in handy. During the process of coloring you can achieve similar meditative state like during the actual meditation. Coloring will keep you focused on the current moment.

    More to say, coloring pages can also assist in replacing negative thoughts with positive ones. Simultaneously, it reduces the level of anxiety. Instead of being anxious all the time, you get to act.

    Finish What You Have Started

    It’s really important to train your get-stuff-done attitude. Nowadays, one should be able to multitask in order to be successful and in demand. Coloring trains you to stay focused on one picture for hours. And when you finally finish your work, the feeling of accomplishment is inevitable. Especially, if it was an image with loads of details and you went for shading, highlighting the crucial parts and so on. Being able to concentrate and don’t lose the focus is a must have skill in the 21st century.

    Logic & Creativity should Work Together

    Turns out, the process of coloring involves both logic and creativity. When you pick a color for an element on the picture, you activate the analytical part of the brain. However, choosing to mix and match colors, you activate your creativity for which is responsible the other side of a brain. Overall, it helps to involve both areas of the cerebral cortex.
    Therefore, coloring is a beneficial tool for your health.

    Say Anxiety ‘Good Bye’

    Lots of people suffer from anxiety disorder, and very little people aware that they suffer from it. We all nervous from time to time, but there are people who are anxious all the time. These people can experience insomnia, fever, or even thoughts of dying. Here comes coloring as a way to calm one’s mind. It brings relaxation and helps to manage the mental condition.

    Go back to the Times of Childhood

    Imagine you are a child again. Remember all the nice things that were in your childhood. Nice, isn’t it? Coloring pages can transport you back to the days of stress-free childhood. It improves your general mental condition which makes you feel much better.
    While coloring pages we get flashbacks from our childhood. It was a great time of fewer responsibilities and pure joy. Coloring pages helps us to relive these moments and calm our mind.

    Find Out Who You Are

    It happens that we lose ourselves in a routine of everyday life. What coloring gives us is a time for ourselves. It’s the time you get to think about your life by not thinking about it. What I mean is when you are focused on coloring a picture your brain can come up with surprising thoughts. That’s one of the ways to solve difficult problems: you simply concentrate on something else. Seriously, surprises are everywhere and you will be overwhelmed with your new thoughts and ideas. This is a good way to be more mindful and conscious of what is going on with you.

    diary coloring

    Solve One Problem at a Time

    Every day we are challenged with issues such as ‘what to wear’, ‘what to buy’, ‘what kind of yogurt do I want’ and so on. The variety of options (even the yogurt issue) is huge, so it confuses us. It happens that we leave the store with nothing at all simply because we were not able to choose something particular. Coloring gives you a break from the world we live in. The only problem you will be faced while coloring is which color to pick and which image to color. That’s it!

    Do Not Hesitate to Be Creative

    Interesting fact: adults who prefer spending their time coloring are better in picking colors for their clothes and pieces of interior. What is more, the same people become more creative. They improved their analytical thinking and other social aspects of life.
    Studies show that workers that have creative hobbies outside of work are more innovative and helpful team players. In turn, those who did not have a creative hobby are less productive at work. That’s quite an interesting comparison that highlights the importance of having a creative hobby. Even if you don’t have one right now, find something that inspires you. It will benefit you in a long run; there is no doubt in that.

    Dive deep into the world of coloring

    In the end, all of us need some distraction from the daily routine. Of course, you can choose watching television or partying all night long, the choice is yours. However, you may want to consider something different. Try coloring pages, why not? It may seem childish, yet it is not.

    Escaping the reality is easier than you think. Coloring diary can assist you in taking time just for yourself. Start coloring pages and you will see that it is a great way to find out who you really are. Even if you think you already know that, do not hesitate to try. The process can surprise you.

    Thus, give it a try. Usually we do not know what we need until we try something different. Give yourself a chance. Pick the paper you like the most. If you like making sketches, go for the black pages. Do you adore making lists? The ruled paper is your choice. Still not sure how to use the notebook? Go for the dot grid. Seriously, there are plenty of options to choose from.

    Finally, when you have chosen the paper, look for the perfect illustration to start with. Decide whether there will be lots of details or just a few. Then, pick instruments. One of the best options is to go for color pencils. They go well with the paper. Yet, if you are a fan of gel pens, use them to color your perfect illustration. Use your imagination. Don’t be afraid to be bold. Coloring diary is the place where you can do whatever you want. You can be whoever you want. Be brave. Live to the full. Go for it!

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