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Becoming An Illustrator For Colouring Books Your Own Coloring Books

If you are an artist and can create original line drawings, you can create your own colouring books for sale either by getting them printed or by uploading them as PDFs to a print on demand (POD) service like KDP on Amazon. Alternatively, you can sell your line drawings to other people who create books but who cannot draw. You could also find an author writing stories that can include colouring pictures and create relevant pictures to illustrate the story. You could do this yourself for out of copyright stories like Little Red Riding Hood and provide your own text.

Create Your own Colouring Books for Sale

You can do this for free through Amazon’s KDP program. You upload your book and Amazon will display it on their site at no charge. Your job then, is to get visitors to look at and buy your book. You get a royalty for each book sold. I have done this and think it is probably the easiest and cheapest way to start.

Alternatively, you can send your book to a printer and get say, 100 copies that you then sell yourself, either online or in your local area. This will cost you some upfront money for printing costs. I have also done this and sold all the books because people liked a combination colouring and puzzle book related to the local area. This was at Christmas time. The pictures included relevant local landmarks and the puzzles included word searches on local items, as well as Christmas.

How To Start Producing Your Own Books

1. Decide on your chosen audience and whether your books will be for children or adults. If for children, decide on the age range, eg, 2 years plus, 4 – 6 years, 7 – 10 years. You could also try teens but above this, they will generally want adult colouring books.
2. Choose a theme, eg, dragons, jungle animals, spring, summer, valentine’s day, Christmas, any season, any holiday, magic, fairies, pirates, desert islands, local area etc.
3. Choose a page size, such as A4 or A5 and create about 30 line drawings in black and white on your chosen theme and make sure they suit your chosen audience. Drawings for adults will normally be much more complex than those for children. Many of the adult level pictures have what I would call zentangle type patterns to fill them and make them complex. These are quite popular. Of course, the drawing could also be busy, complex drawings. The younger the child, the simpler the drawings should be, such as large, outline pictures that can be coloured with chunky crayons or dot colouring pens. These are fibre tip pens with large button type fibre drawing ends. These produce large coloured dots and the children’s pictures include large circles, the same size as the dot colouring pens produce, so that kids appear to have coloured in a picture with large dots. These can look very attractive.
Drawings for adults will often be on only one side of the page, with a blank back, so one picture doesn’t affect another. I often put a puzzle on the back so there are more things to do and this doesn’t show through on the drawing in the previous page.
4. All drawings should have closed lines and be 300 dpi resolution, so they print out clean and clear. You can create by hand on paper or digitally. If you create by hand, you will need to scan your drawings into a file.
5. When you have your 30 pages completed, save the file as a PDF.
6. Create a book cover in colour with an indication of the types of pictures inside your book. Add a bio and a book description on the back and the book’s title and your name on the front. With KDP, they have some help for creating a cover. They have certain patterns and can help you produce a bio and description, the cover will also be the correct size for the book.
7. Either upload the drawings and cover PDFs separately to KDP or combine into one file and get printed locally.

How To Start With Producing Drawings For Sale

I am not an artist, so I BUY drawings from artists. Usually, these drawings are produced in sets of 10, 20 or 30 drawings all on the same theme. These drawings are sold as PLR – private label rights. The artist will sell these to a number of people and each person has the right to use the drawings as they wish. Some may use them to create a colouring book, others may use them as corner illustrations in journals or on calendars etc. PLR drawings are sold under certain conditions, such as not naming the creator, not using them in naughty publications, not selling them on as they are, etc. There are fairly standard conditions that you can find to use. I have found a number of artists that I tend to buy from. Some of these artists act as affiliates for other artists and use their own drawings as bonuses if you buy the other person’s offering. There have been times that I bought an offering through a particular affiliate because I liked their bonus. There was also one time that I bought the same PLR pack twice through two different affiliates because I liked both their bonuses. selling drawings, many of the artists I use produce about 4 different items for each offering. The main drawings are called FE – Front End. These might be fairies, pirates, robots, etc. The second item is called OTO1 – One Time Offer 1. These are often backgrounds that can be used with the FE – front end. So if you have dinosaurs as the FE, you might create simple swamp and desert backgrounds that can be used with them. These are very useful because you can mix and match the front end drawings with the background drawings. This is useful because if you use these to create a book for sale on Amazon, it MUST be unique, you CANNOT just sell an unchanged book of PLR drawings. By using different backgrounds with the front end item, each colouring picture is unique. I often use relevant backgrounds from another artist along with FE drawings, so they are almost guaranteed to create unique drawings. The other two items produced are called OTO2 and OTO 3 – One Time Offer 2 and One Time Offer 3. These will be such things as coloured versions of the FE and OTO1 (backgrounds) and sample cover pages in colour. Some artists provide dot to dot or tracing versions of the FE. They probably have software to do that for them. artists use text, single words and motivational sayings as part of their PLR drawings. They often produce only one offering, so these drawings have to be mixed in with drawings from others in order to make unique books. Or they can be mixed in with puzzles of different kinds, relevant to the audience the drawings are aimed at (kids / adults, etc).

PLR drawings are offered at lower prices because they will be sold to a number of buyers. You could of course offer single or multiple drawings as unique items to a single buyer at a higher price. You can sell these kinds of drawings on Fiverr or similar business to business sites.

You could of course produce your own single or several drawing pages and sell them direct to customers on such sites as Etsy. These will be for instant download to parents or adults looking to colour in. You can sell them to as many people as you like on these sites but you would specify that they are for PERSONAL use, not for selling on to other people. With Etsy, all these items are download only so you can include a page to your customer that tells them they can find your other work on other sites, such as Amazon.

Research Your Audience

It is essential to research your audience before you begin to sell art online. You should study your target audience and pay attention to the comments they leave. Write down what you think is good and what you don’t. If you’re selling on the Internet, monitor your site’s social media accounts and keep track of any comments. This will help you to determine which pieces are selling the best and should be featured on the site. It is also essential to understand your target audience. Follow some other artists and see what they are doing to sell their pieces. For instance, check out colouring books on Amazon. One of the best sellers on there is Johanna Basford.

Custom Journals For Entrepreneurs

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Customised Notebooks And Journals

Have you ever wanted a personalised notebook for yourself? Maybe one with graphics or boxes or writing sections that suited you? Perhaps you wanted one with detailed, zentangle-type colouring pages or with patterns or affirmations or possibly puzzles?

Maybe you want a custom journalĀ  or custom workbook that you could use with your clients? Maybe give them something to keep records of how they are progressing or something to keep them on track after finishing a session? Perhaps you are a team leader and want a team book that your teamies can all do at the same time and feel part of a large group, even if they cannot meet in person? This doesn’t have to be a business book. You may want something fun with colouring or puzzles or something that suits a particular area or region.

Grumble Journal

You may even want a journal that clients keep secret. Well, that is, at least from their nearest family or colleagues. Those are usually the ones who cause others stress, even if they don’t mean to. Your client can record the thoughts that are causing them stress in the journal, to keep as a record to discuss with you. Then they do not need to say their thoughts out loud to those causing them difficulty. You can even keep a grumble journal on a personal basis and destroy it – burn or shred when full – to write out your annoyance and get rid of it.


How To Create A Custom Workbook

You may have wondered how to create a workbook that fits with your particular consultancy or management training or whether there might be a suitable journal available online that you could direct them to. And then you’ve found you didn’t have the time or knowledge to create something suitable because you were too busy with consultancy or training? You may also have found that nothing already available on line suited your business or needs. Of course, it’s always possible to ask your clients to keep notes on their learning in a lined schoolbook or reporter’s spiral notebook but that doesn’t look very professional and it’s also unlikely to motivate your clients to keep up with the work or to progress their learning after finishing a series of sessions.

Here are a few of the workbooks and journals that has available on Amazon that can be used for teams or clients you may be working with. The ones below are shown on Amazon USA but all these books are also available on Amazon UK. They are also available on all the other Amazon country pages, though you may need to search by the actual title. Just for the avoidance of doubt, these books are all written in English, no matter which Amazon site you obtain them from! They could, however, be customised (see below).

It might seem that customer service is all one subject, but what if you work with clients who work with dogs or cats or other small animals? Your customer service training course will be totally different from training provided for volunteers working with the homeless or those with debt problems or auto engineers working with truck drivers. For instance, you might want a customer service workbook, if that is what you are working on with clients.

On the other hand, you may be training your clients in time management or decluttering or personal development, or how to set their own business strategy or aims and objectives or how to manage money? Each of these needs a different workbook or journal for clients to record their ideas, understanding and how they practise the tips and strategies you provide.

Of course, it’s always possible to help your clients customise their own journals and this may be perfectly feasible for some types of consultancy or training. You can help your clients build and bind their own journal with their own kinds of material with handmade designs and including prompts, magazine pictures, quotes and even poetry, recipes or stories that keep them on track. This is often a good practice for drawing, keeping poetry or keeping recipes, for instance, especially if these are printed off from online or cut from magazines. There are also many templates on line that can help with this. You can also find suitable blank notebooks in speciality stationery stores.

But what do you do if you need a customised workbook or journal that your clients can pick up and use immediately? One that contains the kinds of strategies, tips and hints that suit the training or consultancy you are providing? You have three options if you want to work with

(A) You can describe a workbook or journal that would suit your consultancy or training course and have us design and create it. This could contain your own logo, text and contact details, plus of course the workbook items you want, whether affirmations, writing pages, calendar, weekly to do lists, puzzles and colouring pages, etc. Once you are satisfied, we will then provide a PDF that will be unique to you and your business. You can then send this PDF to a printer of your choice who will print and send you the number of books you choose. This is the more expensive of the two options, as you pay for the design and the printing up front. It is, however, the most suitable option for established consultancies and training organisations, who run a number of similar sessions or courses and know what they want for their clients.

(B) You can describe a workbook or journal that would suit your consultancy or training course and have us design and create a generic version that can be offered on a site such as or, etc. This would not contain your logo or contact details, as the book would be available for anyone to buy online. You would then direct your clients to buy this book online, in order to gain the best advantage from the consultancy or training they are undertaking. There is no upfront cost for you with this option. You get a book online that suits your type of consultancy or training and you recommend that your clients buy this, as part of their work in this area. There are areas with blank spaces in this type of book (such as on the back cover) where you can place a sticker to remind your clients of your name, address and logo. In this case, you might wish to buy a number of these books ahead of a course or consultancy assignment and place your sticker before passing them out to clients. With this option, either your clients purchase the book or you buy only the number of books you need with no minimum order or upfront art costs.

(C) Similar to option (B), you can have one of our current book offerings translated into a language of your choice. If we incur any costs in translating, these would be for your account, otherwise, you can help us translate the book at no upfront cost. We can also customize our books to offer US or UK spelling at no extra cost.


Hallowe’en Coloring and Puzzle Books for children and adults are now available for purchase. There are 4 books, one for toddlers, aged 2+, two for children, ages 5 – 9 and 6 – 10 and one for adults. All books contain both colouring pictures and puzzles.

Want to enjoy a spooky Halloween with your kids, one that will help them learn as well as have fun? Colouring and puzzles are all great activities that you can enjoy along with your kids, spending precious bonding time together during the holidays. This book and the other 3 Halloween colouring and puzzle books by Meg Learner, help with all these. Colouring helps children improve their fine muscle and spatial coordination, while doing puzzles together will help them improve their cognitive abilities. And of course, once they can do these by themselves, they will be occupied, while you get some peace to do your own colouring. For adults (as well as children) colouring can be very therapeutic, giving you some necessary head room for relaxing and unwinding from stress.

Click on the pictures to buy these books. Please note, that this will take you away from this site, to the site from which they will be purchased. You can read our affiliate disclosure notice here