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Hallowe’en Coloring and Puzzle Books for children and adults are now available for purchase. There are 4 books, one for toddlers, aged 2+, two for children, ages 5 – 9 and 6 – 10 and one for adults. All books contain both colouring pictures and puzzles.

Want to enjoy a spooky Halloween with your kids, one that will help them learn as well as have fun? Colouring and puzzles are all great activities that you can enjoy along with your kids, spending precious bonding time together during the holidays. This book and the other 3 Halloween colouring and puzzle books by Meg Learner, help with all these. Colouring helps children improve their fine muscle and spatial coordination, while doing puzzles together will help them improve their cognitive abilities. And of course, once they can do these by themselves, they will be occupied, while you get some peace to do your own colouring. For adults (as well as children) colouring can be very therapeutic, giving you some necessary head room for relaxing and unwinding from stress.

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