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Was Your New Year Resolution 2023 To Declutter?

Was this your New Year Resolution, or one of them this year? One idea for a decluttering challenge is to declutter the same number of items as the year, so declutter 2023 items in 2023. If you got stuck half way through January, now is your opportunity to get back on track.


No, it’s not actually impossible to declutter over 2,000 items in the year 2023. If you declutter 5 or 6 items every day of the year, you will have decluttered over 2,000 items by the end of the year. The declutter calendar allows for decluttering 5 items each day. If you declutter 5 or 6 items a day, you will have got rid of over 2,000 items by the end of the year. There’s a page for February below and you can get the full calendar if you sign up to my mailing list in the sign up form in the right hand column.

Coloringdiary.comBaby Steps

Getting rid of 5 or 6 items is easy, it’s a baby step. Keep doing that baby step every day and you will be decluttered in no time, or at least 2,000 items down by the end of the year.

No More Stuff

Decluttering is no use if you just buy more “stuff” to take its place. If you feel the urge to buy more stuff to take the place of what you have decluttered, then you will be spending more money you do not need to, on collecting stuff you do not need. STOP decluttering at this point and consider why you need more stuff. Only continue decluttering once you can honestly toss it with no regrets and no buying replacement junk.

Find stuff you don’t have to “think” about junking. Maybe that detective novel you read 3 years ago? What about the bits and pieces left over from the kitchen machine you broke 2 years ago and have already replaced? How about the cardboard boxes and envelopes you saved “just in case” you needed them. Do you need them? Could someone else use them, can you get them to them?

Decluttering – Organizing and Decluttering at the Same Time


You Cannot Organize Clutter

This is a very important idea. Clutter is clutter. It needs to be got rid of. It cannot be organized, no matter how many boxes and drawers you use.



One of the biggest challenges of decluttering is the amount of time and effort it takes. If you’re just starting out, it may be a good idea to break your decluttering endeavors into smaller, more manageable portions. Having a system for your household items is also a good way to make the task easier.

Decluttering is a great way to improve your home, especially if you’re on a budget. A clean and uncluttered home is an easier and more enjoyable place to live. Clutter can be a distraction and a time waster. It can also hinder constructive improvement. By decluttering your belongings, you’ll make room for the things that matter to you.

Using a system to keep your belongings in order is the best way to ensure your items are stored properly. A system can include setting up separate bins and containers for certain items. This will help you to stay on top of your clutter and prevent it from accumulating. You can also make sure to keep your decluttering routines on track by establishing specific times and days to tackle particular areas of the house.

A well-thought out plan of attack is essential for success. Start by making a list of the items you own and where they are located. Then, divide the list into three categories. Identify the best location for each category. Once you have done this, start by tossing out the items that don’t belong. To save yourself some time, consider putting some of the less important items in a donate box or a storage bin.

Don’t let the decluttering process become a chore. Keep yourself motivated by creating a challenge. For example, you could have a goal of decluttering one item per day, or 5 items if you want to try the 2023 items decluttered challenge. You can also set a timer and work on that one thing for a specified period of time.

There are many ways to go about decluttering, so it’s worth spending some time on the right approach. Organizing and decluttering are two very different tasks, but they can both be accomplished at the same time.

To get started, start with the smaller, more visible areas of your home. These are places where you spend a lot of your time, such as your entryway or your kitchen. Take a close look at these areas and take notes on what you find. Write down what you’re noticing about them, such as how you can do more with the space or what improvements you can make.

You can also make the most of your efforts by figuring out what items have meaning for you. Many homeowners store sentimental items in their attics. Use this opportunity to figure out what is a keeper and what can be passed on to a loved one. When you declutter a room, it’s a good idea to use a mirror or camera to capture the first impression of your home. Make sure to use this as a jumping off point and you’ll end up with a more organized, more efficient space.