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Making Your Own Coloring Diary

https://www.coloringdiary.com/If you want to create your own coloring diary, rather than purchasing one, this is quite easy. You will be able to find many different templates for creating diary pages that you can use and then you can add in the kinds of pages you would like to use as your coloring or puzzle pages, or anything else you choose and then print them out.

You will need to bind or save the papers you use in making your diary. This can be as simple as filing them in a wallet or punching the pages and inserting them in a lever arch file or similar. Another easy way to display them as well as keep them together, is to punch two holes through the papers and tie them together with ribbon or a leather lace.

Simply storing the papers in a wallet risks losing them or getting them out of order, while punching and inserting them in a file or tying them with ribbon or a lace may damage your pages. Looking through a diary made this way and turning the pages can damage the punched holes and eventually tear them open, although you can get strengtheners to protect them.

Simple Binding

Another way of making your own book is to bind the pages using comb binding or spiral binding but in these cases, you will need access to the appropriate machine and comb or ring binders. These are fun and useful machines and can be used for lots of different projects, including recipe books, children’s drawings and school projects.

Stitching A Book

You could create your own book by stitching it, which is a lot of fun and follows professional book binding practice if you have the time and inclination. You could either use blank pages and fill them in afterwards, or you could create your pages first and then form them into a book. I have done this both ways. My granddaughter wanted a scrapbook using special pages she had purchased. We printed these out, then used an awl to make small holes and then a needle and thread to sew the pages together to make a unique scrapbook for her. She then added her own embellishments to her book. I have also created blank books for other granddaughters to draw in and fill as they pleased. This made something much more interesting for them to work in and also made something they felt like keeping, as opposed to individual pages that get lost or damaged, or stuck on a wall, then removed late at night and binned!

Making a Cover

Of course, with a wallet or a file, you have a ready made cover that protects the pages. You can also get special covers for comb bound and spiral bound books to protect them. If you stitch your own book, you will need a cover to protect it. With the scrapbook I made, I printed one of the pages onto stiff card and used that as a cover but one kind of cover you could make for a personal coloring diary is from leather. This would make your diary very special and would keep the contents protected.