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Coffee Table Books

A coffee table book is typically a large, visually appealing book designed for display on a coffee table or similar surface in a home or office. These books are often characterized by their high-quality production, including glossy pages, stunning photography, and engaging content. They cover a wide range of topics, including art, photography, travel, history, fashion, architecture, and more. A new variety available is that of a puzzle book, with a new puzzle available every day, for you or your visitors to try out.

Coffee table books are not just meant for reading; they are also intended to be aesthetically pleasing and serve as decorative elements in a living space. The content is usually a combination of visually striking images and informative text, making them suitable for both casual browsing and in-depth reading. A puzzle book will include the puzzle named on the cover.

People often choose coffee table books based on their personal interests and preferences. Some popular examples include books featuring the works of famous photographers, collections of stunning landscapes, retrospectives of iconic artists, or explorations of a particular cultural or historical theme. But if you want a book you will check out every day, a combination of calendar and puzzles will sit very happily on your coffee table. A coffee table book that combines a calendar with Sudoku puzzles on every page is a unique and innovative idea, offering a mix of practicality and entertainment.

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Sudoku Puzzles

A Sudoku puzzle looks mathematical but it is not, it uses logic: and the symbols used in the project could be any distinct symbols or even nine different colours. The puzzle is solved when you have filled all the empty cells in a grid, following the rules of the game.

Sudoku Game

Any nine distinct symbols can be used but the most common are the numbers 1 to 9, inclusive. The playing board is a 9 X 9 grid, making 81 cells in all. There are 9 rows (across) and 9 columns (down) in the grid and it is further subdivided into 9 boxes, each containing 9 cells (shown by thicker lines around the 9 boxes).

A Sudoku game will use a 9 x 9 grid in which some of the cells have been filled and the aim of the game is to complete the grid with the missing numbers. The more missing numbers, the harder the puzzle.

Sudoku Rules Are:

  • No duplicate numbers in any row
  • No duplicate numbers in any column
  • No duplicate numbers in any block

The puzzle is solved by using logic. For instance, if 8 of the cells in one row contain the numbers 1 to 8 inclusive, then the remaining cell must be a “9”.


There are various levels of difficulty which are basically formed by the number of empty cells in the Sudoku grid. The grid shown above is at novice level – very easy – only one or two numbers generally missing in any box or row or column. Difficulty can go up to maestro, diabolical or killer levels which can be very difficult to solve. Any particular Sudoku game should have only one unique solution, though occasionally the more difficult levels may have alternative solutions for some lines or boxes.

Overall, coffee table books are a form of cultural and artistic expression that adds character to a space while providing enjoyment for those who peruse them.
By combining a calendar with Sudoku puzzles, you create a dynamic and interactive coffee table book that serves both practical and recreational purposes, making it an engaging addition to any living space.

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