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Why Use A Calendar

Calendars And Diaries

A calendar marks out periods of time into days, weeks and months and often shows a schedule of events. It is usually hung on the wall, as a reminder of what is to come. Calendars may be:

  • business related, such as a marketing calendar of events to be advertised;
  • professional related, such as a calendar of training courses, or client events; or,
  • personal, such as a calendar of school events or birthdays and anniversaries.

https://www.coloringdiary.com/Difference Between A Calendar And A Diary

There is not necessarily a great deal of difference. A calendar is often displayed on a wall, to provide a visual record of upcoming events (or on a computer, of course), while a diary is often thought of more as a daily log, with details that are not normally included in a calendar. Personal diaries often have records of daily happenings, recorded in the evening as a memory of the day just past, people met and things discussed. Diaries can be desk diaries (larger) or may be pocket (or bag) diaries which are small enough to slip into a bag or pocket and which act as a reminder of appointments and possibly useful addresses and telephone numbers. Of course, these can also be included on smartphones.


Planners can be big ones that sit on the desk or slightly smaller ones that fit into a briefcase. These are not usually small enough for a pocket or bag as they include not only a calendar of days but also other pages, such as business aims and goals, project timetables and notes, records of mileage and expenditure as well as addresses and phone numbers. These are still calendars or diaries however, they have additions that make them useful for keeping all business records and ideas in one place for easy and continuous access.

Coloring Calendars

These are calendars or diaries or planners that have coloring pages in them or coloring borders around the edges, to give you some relaxation time, while consulting or completing your calendar. You can create or buy coloring calendar pages and add them together, to create your own coloring calendar that suits your own style of working.

There are, of course, different types of coloring calendars, some are for children and you can also buy or create a coloring calendar for adults. You could also create a short calendar for different times of the year, such as a spring, summer, autumn or winter calendar, each covering three months. Another idea is to create your own coloring advent calendar for those exciting days leading up to Christmas.




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Why Use A Coloring Diary

Why Use A Diary At All

https://www.coloringdiary.com/Diaries have been described as a personal record of events or a personal journal. Noah Blake wrote about living on an American farm in the early 1800s. in the “Diary of an early American Boy“. And “The Country Diary Of An Edwardian Lady” recorded the English flowers and animals in the countryside around the author (Edith Holden), while “The Diary of Samuel Pepys” was written in shorthand, and recorded his daily life as well as events in 17th Century England, including The Great Plague and The Great Fire Of London. Anne Frank wrote “The Diary Of A Young Girl” in The Netherlands, while hiding from the Nazis during WWII. She died in a concentration camp at the age of 15 years, not knowing her diary would become probably the most famous in the world. Many current political figures keep diaries of events and conversations while they are in power, anticipating publication after they have left office, where they will be able to “tell all”. And of course, many novelists write fiction books in the form of a diary.

Yet these days, diaries are often more likely to be used to record upcoming appointments to be kept, business, dental, doctor’s etc, to remind you of what is ahead, so you do not double-book yourself, rather than store details of what has taken place. They are also often pocket sized for easy storage in a pocket or bag, so there is less space for recording interesting details of the day or national events.

The personal planners and organisers – those large diaries, with aims and objectives manuals included for businesses and accounting sections for recording expenses – have mostly been replaced with electronic versions available on smartphones. But that is not to say that diaries are no longer needed. They seem to take two forms these days, the pocket diaries with appointments, now often electronic; and journals which their owners lovingly complete with drawings, motivation charts, exercise records, artistic representations of their aims, objectives and missions and lists for everything from glasses of water drunk daily to vision journals for remodelling houses to holiday packing lists and Christmas preparations. These journals are definitely kept manual and may have a separate set of coloring pens for creating flourishes, tables and icons but they are not necessarily kept in date order. They may be organised by subject or season or by their author’s objectives or whims and the author may well go back to certain pages time and again, to record new thoughts or objectives reached.

Coloring Book With Diary

For those who are not artistic or who do not have the time to create their own drawings and flourishes, it’s possible to combine these into a coloring diary. This includes a coloring page plus a weekly reminder list on the other side, to allow appointments to be recorded. The coloring page encourages relaxation and improves focus, while waiting or travelling and the weekly reminder page can be used for appointments or to create little doodles or cartoons. The coloring diary is a smallish book that fits in a pocket or bag. It can help pass the time, encourage focus or allay anxiety and worry by providing a complex picture for coloring.

Coloring Diary Journal

This would be a larger book for coloring, with pages for notes and lists, rather than appointments.