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Glass Blowing At a Glance

https://www.coloringdiary.com/Glass blowing is a unique technique of making glass art, which involves inflating hot glass with the help of a blowpipe (that’s the official term). The person doing the blowing of air into the blowpipe is called glass blower, or gaffer. Depending on which type of glass blowing techniques you are going to use you could do this manually and on small scale, or with the help of machines at large scale.

When choosing a glass blowing machine there are many factors to consider. First, you must determine whether or not the glass blowing equipment is for home or business use, and also how much equipment you need. It is possible to purchase glass blowing machines commercially, but these machines are often very large, and require practice and experience to handle safely. A good option for those who are interested in glass blowing but do not want to invest in commercial equipment is to opt for glass blowing kits as these kits include all of the equipment necessary to begin making glass art at home.


Glass blowing is becoming popular again, as modern technology enables artists to create art at home using modern techniques, and one of these new techniques is called lampworking. This technique uses a gas fueled (blow) torch to heat up the glass, after which you can shape it using various specialty utensils and tools that are designed specifically for at-home usage.

There are two types of glass blowing techniques: wet and dry. Dry glass blowing uses no fuel while wet glassblowing uses a combination of fuel and flame to heat up the glass. The resulting glass pieces are sometimes hard to make and they often break more easily than regular glass.

Tips For the Beginner Gaffer

Some of the best tips for the beginners address the preventing of your glass piece from cracking. And the first step to avoid this is by not heating the glass too much, as this can cause significant cracking once it cools down.

Another good tip is that when heating the glass, you should always keep a safe distance from the glass you are working on, as well as wearing safety glasses. After heating the glass, try to sit back and watch it carefully, so you can see if any cracking occurs.

If you’re interested in lampworking, or even making glass art in a studio there are plenty of opportunities to learn glass blowing from the comfort of your home, and when you’ve grasped the basic techniques go practice in a studio. You can also try different techniques at home, and look for glass blowing shops that have more experienced personnel. After you learn the basics of lampworking, you’ll soon be on your way to having beautiful glass pieces for display or to use on special occasions.

If you think this craft might be something interesting to try, why not write it down in a diary or business ideas journal and add more information to it that you can find at Learn Glassblowing?

Alyosha Lonoff is a proud editor for learnglassblowing.com and has got lots of experience in the glass making industry. Be sure to check out her website to learn more about the gorgeous art of making glass pieces at home,

Stay On Course By Documenting Your Intentions And Action

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As I was reading this quote by Wilcox, I had a sudden flashback. I remembered perching on the end of my tiny bed in the dormitory back in boarding school. I was holding a small brown hardcover journal. My very first journal, which was a gift from my mum. From shortly after I could write down a meaningful sentence by myself, my mum had always encouraged me and brothers and sisters to write down what we were thinking about. ‘Whatever it is you would like to get in life, big or small, just write it down. Do it every day and then just see what happens’ she would say.

At that time, I didn’t know she was helping a key tool for life take root in my heart. It felt strange and difficult to pour what felt like my soul out onto a clean blank page. It was hard to start and I felt very vulnerable, but also, at the same time, in some way invincible. In retrospect, it was that feeling of vulnerability that allowed me to develop a sense of self-awareness and to pay attention to my thoughts and actions.

For years we all had to write weekly letters to our mother from our respective schools. It wasn’t a problem for any of us, though our friends often struggled to find something to say. Mum would study each letter carefully before filing them safely away. Over the period of years, those missives slowly gathered in the drawer next to her bed. In time, of course, we all finished school, went to college, and then technology took over from letter writing. But, even after she moved onto computers and email, my mum still encouraged us to write out our goals and intentions,continuing to say, ‘You know what, write it down and see what happens‘. I thought she just kept these letters for a souvenir but there was more to it.

When our eldest brother, Mike, got married, he had a big wedding with relatives from both sides there to join in on his big day. As usual, the groom’s mother was asked to say something and part way through her speech, she asked the Master of Ceremonies to read out from a piece of paper she had picked out of her purse. It was one of the letters that Mike had sent her from College maybe five years before the wedding. He was really embarrassed to hear the letter read out but everyone was amazed at what the letter said.

Mike had told our mother that he was going to make her proud. The letter said that he would buy a nice car, build his own house and marry a wonderful girl in the next five years and mum chose to have this letter read out to demonstrate what the power of thoughts written out, then acted on, could do.

Mike had done just that. He had set three goals, written them out and pursued them, to achieve all three, as well as his College degree in the five years he set himself and of course, making his mother most proud, as he had promised. While I eventually stopped writing to my mum, (though I emailed and called her) I never stopped following that advice to ‘write it down and see what happens’. On my bedside cabinet or any flat surface in my bedroom, you can always find a journal or even a scrap of paper with something scribbled on it. Some are reminders or quotes I want to remember from books I am reading, there will also be to-do lists, and random thoughts that arrived just as I was settling down to sleep but others are based on my mother’s advice to write down my goals, which these days is known as journaling.

Journaling is like talking to yourself, only much more beneficial because you write down what you want, not endless loops of conversations with yourself, though you can do that too, if you need to. With writing in a journal, not only are going to think about it, but you’re also going to say it to yourself as well as write it. By doing this, I found out that writing out your intentions helps you focus on what’s important to you. When you just tell yourself how you’re “going to do well”, your subconscious may very well try to divert you away from working towards your goals, even though your intentions may be the very best.  But when you have all your plans documented in your journal, you get the overall view of where you are now, where you’re going , and your final destination. Susan Sontag, an American writer, explained her experiences with journaling by saying that she “created herself”https://www.coloringdiary.com/.

I can just totally relate to this. All the words I’ve written down about my life, goals, and dreams, whether in ink in journals or letters to my mother or from clicking the keys on my computer have helped create the person I am today.

Checking off some tick boxes on my to do list is one of my small daily pleasures at the end of the day. It makes me feel like I have progressed, no matter how little. Each box represents a problem solved, even a small one and ticking it off makes me feel fulfilled, happy and sometimes, dare I say, it, even euphoric and empowered to tackle any other problems that may lie on that list. Writing down emotions you feel at various times is very therapeutic and can be helpful in managing mental and physical health. You can use this to track your symptoms or create a separate  tracker within your journal to check on what triggers any anxiety, stress, anger or other emotion you find difficult to manage or what you need to eat or do to keep your health in check. You can also track any medical and dental checkups or other health appointments.

Writing things down is still important and the very act of putting pen to paper can be helpful in personalizing your experiences and the goals you want to achieve but with more responsibilities eating away at my personal time, I now have less time available to spend writing out everything that happens in my life, as I used to. With new technology, I can still record  ideas and important stuff while still on the go. Currently, there appear to be a thousand or more apps that can help people track their health, moods, finances, meetings and so on, so you don’t have to spend the time writing it all down and then indexing it if necessary.  Useful mobile apps will help you stay on course with daily living because you can set reminders if necessary.

Journaling is having somewhere to put all your intentions, thoughts, ambitions, and actions to help you stay focused on what you want to achieve.

Write it down. Do it every day and then just see what happens.



Why Use A Coloring Diary

Why Use A Diary At All

https://www.coloringdiary.com/Diaries have been described as a personal record of events or a personal journal. Noah Blake wrote about living on an American farm in the early 1800s. in the “Diary of an early American Boy“. And “The Country Diary Of An Edwardian Lady” recorded the English flowers and animals in the countryside around the author (Edith Holden), while “The Diary of Samuel Pepys” was written in shorthand, and recorded his daily life as well as events in 17th Century England, including The Great Plague and The Great Fire Of London. Anne Frank wrote “The Diary Of A Young Girl” in The Netherlands, while hiding from the Nazis during WWII. She died in a concentration camp at the age of 15 years, not knowing her diary would become probably the most famous in the world. Many current political figures keep diaries of events and conversations while they are in power, anticipating publication after they have left office, where they will be able to “tell all”. And of course, many novelists write fiction books in the form of a diary.

Yet these days, diaries are often more likely to be used to record upcoming appointments to be kept, business, dental, doctor’s etc, to remind you of what is ahead, so you do not double-book yourself, rather than store details of what has taken place. They are also often pocket sized for easy storage in a pocket or bag, so there is less space for recording interesting details of the day or national events.

The personal planners and organisers – those large diaries, with aims and objectives manuals included for businesses and accounting sections for recording expenses – have mostly been replaced with electronic versions available on smartphones. But that is not to say that diaries are no longer needed. They seem to take two forms these days, the pocket diaries with appointments, now often electronic; and journals which their owners lovingly complete with drawings, motivation charts, exercise records, artistic representations of their aims, objectives and missions and lists for everything from glasses of water drunk daily to vision journals for remodelling houses to holiday packing lists and Christmas preparations. These journals are definitely kept manual and may have a separate set of coloring pens for creating flourishes, tables and icons but they are not necessarily kept in date order. They may be organised by subject or season or by their author’s objectives or whims and the author may well go back to certain pages time and again, to record new thoughts or objectives reached.

Coloring Book With Diary

For those who are not artistic or who do not have the time to create their own drawings and flourishes, it’s possible to combine these into a coloring diary. This includes a coloring page plus a weekly reminder list on the other side, to allow appointments to be recorded. The coloring page encourages relaxation and improves focus, while waiting or travelling and the weekly reminder page can be used for appointments or to create little doodles or cartoons. The coloring diary is a smallish book that fits in a pocket or bag. It can help pass the time, encourage focus or allay anxiety and worry by providing a complex picture for coloring.

Coloring Diary Journal

This would be a larger book for coloring, with pages for notes and lists, rather than appointments.



Home Workout Ideas

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IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER – If You Haven’t Worked Out For A While

Take it easy, don’t become the instant weekend warrior. Remember, while exercise is healthy, you need to start where you are and work up to better levels of fitness gradually. Especially at present, you do not wish to end up in your local emergency room with a bad back, sprain, a fracture or suspected heart attack. Please use common sense and listen to your body. If you become breathless or dizzy or feel faint, stop exercising immediately and seek medical advice.


The Coronavirus pandemic has affected lives in immense ways. Most people have had to redirect or halt their plans after the virus spread widely, resulting in a lockdown. It is possible to get anxious during this period, especially if all you keep getting are negative reports about the COVID-19 status. During these strange and uncertain times, doing activities such as exercising can provide the solace you need. Distracting yourself through exercising is an excellent way to maintain your sanity and you can always journal about it or color or draw or write about it in your coloring diary later.

Besides, exercise is good for your overall wellbeing. There is a high probability of you getting lazier and piling on some pounds if all you do is stay home. To boost your immunity, get out in the fresh air, gain enough vitamin D from sunlight and ensure you remain active. It is good to start a simple outdoor workout routine for yourself. If you have a partner or children who are old enough, engaging them in the workouts helps to strengthen your bond during this time. You don’t need to have a gym in your house to exercise. There are several workout routines that you can do in the comfort of your home or in the near neighborhood. Read on to get an idea of some adult workouts.

Local Area Workouts

You might underestimate the power of walking or running, but this is one of the best ways to start your workout routine. You only need to have comfortable attire and maybe a smartwatch to track your steps. Going for a walk or run, even in your local area, is an excellent way to keep your heart pumping and shed any extra pounds that you might have added over time. Besides, it helps you unwind and think clearly. Why not go for a run if you have the time? If you are starting a new workout routine, you could start with a walk for the first few days, and then proceed to jogging. As your body gets used to this routine, you can start running a few kilometers every day. You will be surprised at how a simple exercise like running will help you. Besides, it helps with blood circulation, which is essential for the general wellbeing of your body.

If you have a bike, then taking that out for a local spin, provided your area is a safe neighborhood, is great exercise. There is often less traffic on the roads now, which makes cycling more relaxing and better fun. You could even get the whole family out, or even to a local off-road area, to make it safer. If you haven’t used your bike in a while then some exercise equipment repair might be in order. At least check your wheels are properly fixed, tyres pumped up to the correct pressure and your helmet and any other safety equipment is safe. That applies to any other equipment you might use too.


For running, cycling and walking, there is a event or thing you can do called “burbing”, this is where you travel every street or road in your local area, which can make the distance ridden or walked or run, a long one, while staying close to home. The idea is that you travel along every street or road in your area. It’s surprising just how long a trip that can be, even if you are staying within 2 miles of home, as some jurisdictions require at present.

Indoor Workouts

If you don’t like running or prefer staying indoors or in your garden during the pandemic, you could try skipping. You only need to have a skipping rope, and you are good to go. It used to be that skipping ropes were made of long pieces of washing line and had no handles. These days, you can buy specially made jump ropes. Skipping is a great cardio exercise, as well. Not only does it keep your blood running, but it also challenges all your muscle groups. It also helps you to work on your hand-eye coordination and timing. In short, you become better with your coordination and strength when you skip your rope often. As you jump, try to challenge yourself by trying out the different skipping techniques. You can also increase your skipping times as you progress. You can work the skipping like boxing rounds. Start out with a one minute skip then rest a minute, working up gradually to a three minute skip, with a one minute rest between “rounds”. Alternatively, count your skips. Start at 20 skips, then a rest, working up to whatever you like. It’s also useful to add in some bouts of fast skipping. If you can’t do much of that at first, then add in 10 seconds of fast skipping, easing back to your slower rate for 30 seconds, then increase the rate again.

If you want to run or walk indoors, have you thought of using the stairs? Climbing even 10 stairs can be a cardio exercise. You can choose to climb the stairs a certain number of times each day or you can try timing yourself to climb them faster. The first step can be used for stretching exercises or even for a simple step aerobic exercise. If your home doesn’t have stairs, try stepping on and off an exercise box, or even jumping on and off one. Just make sure the box or step is on a non slip surface and take care using it. One class I went to had jump boxes but the distance was too high for me, so I used it for a step aerobic move – bad idea – the step moved underneath me and I bounced off my butt!

If you don’t feel up to fast exercise, then start with Tai Chi or Pilates or Yoga. You will still get a good workout but not at as fast a rate as cardio exercises. You can also use resistance bands to give your muscles a workout without doing cardio.

Working out doesn’t need to be boring. Did you know that dancing is a form of exercise? If you love dancing, try to incorporate it into your routine every single day. It is a great way to burn some calories and keep your heart rate up and there is plenty of exercise music available. It can either be specialised music or an adapted form of your favorite band or singer. Most exercise music has a particular beat, often 60 beats a minute but some dance music will be very different from that. Make your dance time more interesting by creating a playlist of your favorite songs, and use the playlist every time you want to dance. If you have the time, you could even try some of the dancing moves on TikTok. The goal is to remain active, fit, and also enjoy yourself. Just look into the app and start practicing. Besides, you need to create your happiness. If dancing lifts your mood, why not do it?

The other not so obvious workout for adults is cleaning. Have you ever wondered how many calories you lose while cleaning? During this lockdown, it is essential to ensure that everything in your home is clean and in order. This is the time to arrange your closets and get rid of all the junk you kept over the years. You could even do some painting to transform your house.

Cleaning is an excellent way to keep your body active. You can burn a lot of calories just by cleaning and arranging items in your home. Doing laundry, hoovering the stairs, and making your bed are great workout options. If you still feel energetic, you could add some squats or lunges. Add some weights to increase resistance in your workouts. Remember, it is all about creativity.

Exercising is essential because it helps strengthen the body’s immune system and even improve one’s mental health. As much as you may have a lot of free time, it is good to spare some time to improve your body’s wellbeing. Keeping a journal of what you have done and what you are eating is a good way to track your personal wellbeing during lockdown. And if you add some exercise humor to your workout, you could be getting a double benefit including keeping your spirits up.

Review of Coloring Diaries 2020

What Is Needed In A Coloring Diary

If you want a coloring diary for yourself or as a gift for someone else, then you need to know what you are looking for. Here are some ideas of what you can find in coloring diaries available for 2020, so you can decide which features best suit your needs.

While you may be looking for funny adult coloring pages or perhaps coloring therapy for adults or maybe even just online coloring pages for adults, there are some other items to take into consideration to get the best coloring diary for yourself or as a gift in 2020.

Coloring Items

This may seem like a given but there are so many different kinds of adult coloring pages available in diaries and journals, that you need to know what you are looking for. Some notebooks or journals provide coloring items as a border along the tops of the pages or down the sides or as small items on the pages. The rest of the page may be totally lined or may have various lined boxes for notes and possibly some blank areas for doodling.


If you want a full page or pages for coloring, you will be able to choose from a great range of items, landscapes, homely pictures, floral, bouquets, animals, whimsical, realistic, cartoons, abstract, mandalas, zentangle patterns, single items, such as cupcakes or mixtures of all. There are also many books based on stories or films, including Disney and many other popular books.

You may want adult coloring pages that include quotes or sayings. These can be inspirational, religious, motivational, sporty, home, relationships, or everyday sayings. You can also get coloring pages that include swear words!

Choose Your Size

Very often, picture types included in a coloring diary will depend on the size of the diary you choose. It is more difficult to include detailed pictures in a pocket diary than in a desk top diary, so you may find the pictures in smaller offerings are single items, like cup cakes or a flower, rather than a bouquet. The size you choose of course, depends on what you need the diary for. Is it to be kept in a pocket or bag to travel with you each day or is it to stay on a desk or shelf? Do you want something small with smaller pictures that you will be sure to carry with you and use every day? Or maybe you prefer having larger more detailed or complex pictures or patterns that may take longer to complete.


It is possible to get both perfect bound (like a novel) or spiral bound notebooks or journals. Spiral bound books are more likely to lie flat, making it easier to color the pictures, whereas a perfect bond book may be smaller and easier to carry in a pocket or bag.

Paper And Quality

If you are likely to want to remove any pictures you have colored and display or frame them, then you will need to be sure that the book you buy has good quality paper and that the pictures are printed only on one side of the paper. This of course, means the book will be more expensive. You are more likely to find this with books by well known authors and artists.

Diary Or Journal

If you want to use your book as a diary or notebook or a journal, as well as a set of adult coloring pages, then you need to be sure of what other pages are included besides the pictures. You may be content with blank pages on the reverse side of pictures, where you can draw or make notes as you choose. You may want a diary or dates for the year or diary pages where you can record appointments or lists or notes. You may want pages where you can make your own notes on what you are coloring or practice your own doodles. or you may want pages where you can list your aims, process objectives and timetable for your business strategy.

If you are not sure that you will want to use the book as a daily dairy, then you may be able to get a perpetual diary – one that is not limited as to the year you are working in. Check out what other pages are offered in the coloring diaries you are looking at.

Coloring Diaries


A  personal diary is usually a daily record of what  happened over the course of a day while a business diary often records appointments for the future, together with notes of actions to be carried out or objectives to be met. Diaries can be of various sizes, from desk diaries, with A4 or letter size pages for a single day, allowing notes on calls or work to be done, to small pocket diaries holding a week to an open double page, which allows a note simply of appointments to be met in the coming week.

Coloring Diary

A coloring diary can be either of these or even a journal giving you practice in coloring or helping you meet a daily artistic target. It can be useful to carry a colouring diary with you to make use of spare time traveling (and even help overcome nervousness about traveling). It can hold your appointments and some may include pages for aims and objectives, whether personal or business. Coloring can be a useful distraction if you are trying to solve a problem because it allows your subconscious to carry on trying to find a solution while you color a picture or quote, for instance. A solution, or a means of finding one, can often appear while the mind is distracted by focusing on coloring an intricate picture. If you want to carry a coloring diary with you, it will also be useful to carry a set of pencils or crayons also.

One of the first coloring diaries was created by an Edwardian Lady in England in 1906. She made her own drawings but you can get black and white versions of these for coloring in yourself. Other coloring books are notebooks with some lined pages on which you can make notes, rather than acting as dated entries. You can also get spiral bound notebooks and coloring notebooks that have small coloring areas with a large area for notes.

Coloring can be helpful for those who want to be creative but not to make their own drawings. It can also provide relaxation and therapy to help overcome anxiety or worries. Some drawings will include quotes or words, ranging from inspirational to sarcastic, some can even include rude quotes or strong language for those who prefer these.

Coloring diaries are usually personal to the author, though some can be intended for publication, however, these would usually comprise the artist’s own drawings, rather than those purchased from elsewhere.

Some coloring pictures are intended for display, which means that only one picture should be on any one side of a sheet of paper, so that no picture is hidden by another and the colors used will not affect another picture.