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Expressing Your Emotions Through Freeform Writing

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No Limits Enjoyment

When was the last time you had a good dance? Notice I didn’t ask if you are a good dancer or not, because that is irrelevant. I am talking about a carefree, blissful, and liberating experience of allowing yourself to enjoy good music by moving according to the beat or even contrary to it but still having ecstatic fun. If this is a practice you often do, you know how it’s more than skin deep. You know that by doing this you shake off some worries in your mind and any shackles keeping you anchored in a place you no longer want to be in.

https://www.coloringdiary.com/How about sprinting instead of ordinary-speed jogging sometimes? This could be deciding to let loose and be under no limitation with your speed. Besides the obvious running out of breath sooner, this exercise may do something more and that is to free you to let go of other limitations in your life and make quicker decisions. Try it and this also: singing out loud in the shower or elsewhere paying no attention to your voice or confidently speaking a language you consider yourself not-so-good at.


Maybe you are the kind of person who watches other people dance at weddings or parties and holds tightly back. Oh no, you would never try dancing, singing out loud or anything that puts you in the limelight, it’s not in your nature to but maybe that is the problem? You are composed, you are serious, you have targets to meet and life-altering decisions to make so you wouldn’t be caught dead doing any of the above things but is it possible that you have some bottled up emotions begging to be set free? What other way is there to fully express them, let go of negative energy and embrace brand new wholeness and positivity?

Freeform Writing

Freeform writing is a form of therapy that you can engage in to express your emotions without attracting anyone’s attention like in the above-mentioned methods. All you need is yourself, paper and pen. You may need to be alone so that you aren’t disturbed as you allow yourself to ‘flow’ into that piece of paper, writing down every thought as it comes into your mind. You don’t have to care for spelling, punctuation, or even making sense, only write down whatever you think or feel in that particular instance. Using a book designed as a journal makes it easier to get into the flow of writing.

There are times you can be so angry but cannot say everything that you are feeling because you risk destroying a relationship or scaring someone off or even scaring yourself! Freeform writing is a judgement-free zone you can put yourself in at such times. Whatever you write doesn’t have to make sense and you could find yourself frantically pressing onto the paper as rage or intense excitement is channelled from you onto the writing pad. This is why it is best to use a pen, not a pencil whose lead can break off. Jot it all down in no particular order, using capital letters, exclamation marks, dots, question marks, and any other marks you find necessary. When you are done, you may want to tear off that paper and perhaps rewrite a clearer piece of something important and positive that you got out of the exercise. By now you may be calm and free from anger.


“THE EYES…I like her smile makes me feel warm. I think she is a warm person…ask her out. A real date? Flowers, she is an angel. Could complete my life. I really do need her. I’m scared to commit but I think I can try Maybe this is it MAYBE it could be maybe I should give it a try oh yes try”

This is a raw example of what it means to flow onto paper if you want to figure out how to express love but aren’t sure of what emotions you have exactly towards that girl. As you write everything down as soon as it visits your mind, you may find yourself smiling, blushing, or beginning to do some deep thinking. Keep this up for some time until you are sure what your sentiments really are.


When grieving the loss of a loved one, a break-up, or perhaps a divorce, it is normal to feel at some point that the time to expressly talk about it to other people has expired. You may feel that you make them sad when you still wallow about it after a certain period of time. Don’t worry if this is your case. Get your pen and writing pad and begin to pour your heart out onto that paper.

Hidden Talents Discovered

A lot of good can come out of freeform writing. Great poems, songs, or even creative stories could result. You could stumble upon a hidden talent of yours while practicing it or realise there is a feeling, that though strategically buried behind many layers as a defense mechanism, still holds you back somehow. Try it out today!


If you are a writer, or a student trying to write an essay, dissertation or thesis, you can use this type of writing too. It is known as freewriting, a term used by the author (Emeritus) Professor Peter Elbow in his book, “Writing Without Teachers”, though I prefer his book “Writing With Power”, which also includes it. This can be used for fiction stories as well as factual pieces. And if you are desperately trying to complete a college essay but finding difficulty with it, or you have procrastinated too lomg and your essay is due tomorrow, you can download and read a book on The Procrastinator’s Guide to Writing an Effective Term Paper by Stephen Posusta which also uses freewriting and which can help you write your term paper even if you have to pull an all-nighter (provided you have already read the necessary books for writing the essay).

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