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Christmas Gifts For Adults

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Top 5 Best Christmas Gifts For Adults

Here are my top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Adults, which I think are among the most popular, apart from money. Many adults or young adults prefer money as a present, so they can add all their gifts together and buy one large item that they like. You may not want to do that as there always seems to be pressure to give more when gifting cash than you would spend on a present. Some adults also love to wrap gifts and present them because they get great joy out of seeing the recipient’s face when they open it. Money is a useful gift because it’s something most people want but if you prefer to give a gift here are some ideas of stocking fillers and larger things to get for the people in your life.

1. Homemade Christmas Gifts

One of the most popular Christmas gifts for adults is homemade Christmas gifts, whether you give them as a main gift or as a stocking filler. There are so many things you can make or buy to give as gifts to the adults in your life, such as cookbooks, journals, homemade cookies, homemade jams and jellies, coffee mugs, key chains and more. These are all very easy to make and they will definitely be remembered and loved by the adults in your life. I look forward every Christmas to the homemade chutneys one of my friends makes as presents for adults each year. She doesn’t have much money but she uses her time and knowledge of fruits to make chutneys that you cannot find in the shop and they last for months, so a Christmas gift that keeps on giving.

They are also great because you can customize your own gifts with their favorite colors and whatever else you want to add in. A lot of kids love to make Christmas crafts, and it’s a nice idea to personalize those gifts as well! For example, they can make an autograph magnet for the adults in their life with their favorite photos of them with Santa Claus, perhaps, along with a message.

Or maybe you could make a Christmas card, with their name printed on the front and your Christmas message inside. You can even have their name printed on the back of the card!  One child I know, who is good at art, is using a picture that she has to complete for her art class as a unique Christmas card for a few select adults and friends. It gives her the chance to practise something she has to do for a school class, while creating Christmas cards and producing a unique piece of art for recipients to treasure. Personalized Christmas gifts are really popular these days.

2. Christmas Crafts

Another great Christmas gift idea for adults is Christmas Crafts. You can make some beautiful Christmas scrapbooking pieces if you’re trying to stay on theme. For instance you could make a poster celebrating their favorite Baseball team, with the team colors. Or you could buy them a craft gift for them to complete themselves. Something like this could https://amzn.to/37Dm7VTbe a great idea for a gift for guy friends. Adult coloring books are also greatly in favor at present. Many years ago, adults thought that coloring pictures was just for children but since then, it has become known just how beneficial and enjoyable coloring can be for adults as well as children. You can see more information on that here.

Another possibility is a beautiful handcrafted personalized Christmas ornament. This whimsical ornament is the perfect solution if you are looking for unique Christmas gift ideas for the adults in your life. Choose from a variety of wood and resin painted designs or choose a clear (see through) bauble that you can fill with small items of your choice or paint the bauble with a Christmas theme and the year, so it can be enjoyed for many years to come.

3. Coffee And Donuts

Adults, and even young ones, can be very hard-core fans of coffee and donuts. If you are looking for some great frugal Christmas gifts for adults, think about giving them a subscription to one of the many different coffee clubs that are available. You can subscribe for either the individual coffee club that gives you one box of coffee each month or you can choose a monthly gift that comes with three or four free months of coffee. The choice is yours! You could also make a box of donuts or buy their favorites from a local shop, to give them a sweet treat for Christmas.

Probably, one of the best gifts for adults that you can give them is a coffee mug, especially as these can be customized for their interests or for Christmas. Coffee mugs make great gifts for adults, and you can be sure that they will not disappoint when it comes to their taste! For those of you who don’t know how to choose the perfect coffee mug, the most important factor to consider is the size. Mugs come in all sizes, but the standard size is usually 11 ounces, with an option for a larger 15 ounce mug, so make sure you include that information when choosing a size. The larger the cup, the better!

If the person doesn’t like coffee and donuts, you can find many items that can be purchased on subscription as Christmas presents for adults or for children. These could be such stuff as magazine subscriptions, book subscriptions and these can be on so many different subjects, such as nature and science, romance, cooking, art, antiques, etc.

4. Collecting

Some people enjoy collecting things, so you may want to look into stuff for Christmas such as figures, china, toy cars, Star Wars Figures, puzzles, and stuffed animals, if you know what their collecting choice would be. Some adults enjoy difficult Jigsaw Puzzles or Adult Puzzle books or even memorabilia.

5. Gift Basket

You can make or buy a gift basket filled with Christmas food or toys, games, snacks, and more. You could also create a Christmas scrapbook with lots of pictures of Christmas past or purchase the scrapbook and provide the pictures for the adult to add in themselves, which would be a good idea for an older person with time on their hands.

Some other great ideas for Christmas baskets include hand-made soaps, candles, ornaments, or eco-friendly ornaments.

Or how about an alternative to a conventional kitchen hamper? For a more eco-friendly holiday treat, why not consider homemade Christmas hampers? These are great for both kids and adults, and they are a great way to teach kids about the importance of using recycled materials in their everyday life. A popular idea is to make a hamper of seasonal items such as Christmas cards, fruit and veggie trays, and decorative items. You can also create a special hamper for adults that has all of their favorite books, cutesy toys, and other interesting stuff for the holidays. If you would prefer to purchase your own hamper instead of making one yourself, you can find everything you need to get started online.

These are 5 top ideas for Christmas gifts for adults.

6. Something For YOU

So here’s an extra bonus paragraph of ideas for gifts and maybe you would like something for yourself from these? After all, you deserve something too! One of the best gifts for adults and one that your friends or family might not think of getting you unless you hint to them, is a mini backpack.

A mini backpack holds a lot of useful stuff for your day to day needs and it keeps your hands free and stops your pockets from bulging. Mini backpacks make great Christmas gifts for adults, and they are relatively inexpensive, as well. You can find beautiful designs on the market in many different colors, so you can really make this gift look unique and personal to you.

Or how about a beautiful wooden photo frame and pencil holder to keep your desk organized and your nearest and dearest always in your thoughts, even if you cannot be near them?