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Some of the books available are shown below, there are many more. They can all be seen at Books available from here are all produced by a small business, not a large publishing company and reviews are extra specially important to us. If you would like to leave a book review, please feel free to leave one below, using the contact form or send one by contact page. Please note: These reviews may be used as editorial comments on Amazon. If you do not wish your review to be used, please do not leave one. You are welcome to be anonymous or to use a pen name if you wish. Whether you leave a comment below or get in touch through the contact form, your email address will not be kept and it will NOT be put on any Amazon review and you will NOT be added to any list.


    Please include the title of the book or item you are reviewing and any comments. If you have any suggestions for improving the books or for new books, please do not hesitate to leave them. All feedback is useful.